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The document translations that we serve are English, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and French Language. We serve both company and private files. Company files are such as: Deed of Incorporation, Agreement, Environment Impact Assesment / EIA (AMDAL), Notarial Deed, Company Profile, Manual Book, Feasibility Study, Law Documents, Tax Payer Registration Number and its  accompanying documents, Annual Report, Insurance Policy, Finance Statement. Private files are such as: Raport Book, Diploma, Transcript, Identity Card, Family Identity Cards, Birth Certificate,  Insurance Policy, Medical Record, Police Record, etc. We also can translate video by subtitle in the video or by the text on paper. 

Rate Reference

Stipulated translation rates were according to the Regulation of The Minister of Finance Number 53/PMK.02 Year of 2014 about Unit Cost of Translation. Based on this regulation, the translator are the legal profession in Indonesia. Considering the important of translator position, the government issued the regulation to set the standard of cost of translation. Format of translation result is typed in:

- A4 Paper

- Margin: 1 Inch

- Font Type: Arial / Courier New 12 Points

- Spacing: 2 (double)

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